Emerging Issues & Trends

  • Initiating a public dialogue on environmental protection in the context of TTIP negotiations

    The European Parliament, in a joint initiative with the European Commission Directorate General for Environment, has initiated a research project on the environmental impacts of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership...

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  • InnovEIT Forum 2015

    The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) hosted its Innovation Forum, InnovEIT 2015, from 5 to 7 May in Budapest, Hungary. Some 600 stakeholders gathered at the Forum: entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders,...

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  • Some like it hot!

    Global temperatures are rising. Most experts believe that we can avoid severe impacts if the temperature stays below a 2°C rise. This is a position recognised by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. However, humanity ...

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  • Tackling Global Food Security

    One of the biggest challenges facing global societies is the persistence of hunger and food insecurity. The global food system is under increasing pressure from population growth, unequal income distribution, natural resource cons...

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  • The UN’s Rio+20 Conference: Identifying Emerging Issues

    Creating a keynote input to the UN Rio+20 process, the United Nation‘s Chief Scientist, Prof. Joseph Alcamo, established a foresight process to identify the top emerging issues the world needs to focus on. Co-designed and facili...

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  • Charting the Health Markets of Tomorrow

    As a major international biopharma player, UCB wants to continue leading the treatment for diseases like epilepsy. Prospex has worked with UCB to help identifying and analysing the emerging issues and trends that will shape the fu...

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  • EURECA – the Future of Agriculture and Protected Areas

    What are hidden trends and developments for the future of agriculture and protected areas in Europe? The European Environment Agency asked Prospex to conduct two innovative Spotmeters – Food for Thought and Natura2morrow ...

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