Education, Training & Youth Forum 2016: building bridges between the world of education and the job market

“Connecting Education, the Labour Market and Society” was the key ambition of the 5th European Education, Training and Youth Forum, which took place from 19 until 21 October 2016. For the design and facilitation of the Forum, the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) again relied on an extensive Prospex-team, who welcomed more than 400 stakeholders from every corner of Europe to the Square in Brussels.

The Forum kicked off with a Civil Society Meeting, where teachers and educators, representatives of student associations, employers and universities had their say about social inclusion in the education and the best practices to achieve that.

Following the official opening by Commissioner Tibor Navracsics, a high-level stakeholder panel highlighted the daily experiences and difficulties from the educational sector in Europe, building on the New Skills Agenda and its uptake by the job market. Every part of educational spectrum was taken into account: from second-chance education for adults, to transversal skills like art and sport to the tools useful to document skills and qualifications. Ensuring the widest range of inputs from stakeholders, Prospex designed and facilitated no less than 12 participatory workshops throughout the Forum.

Using a variety of tools and techniques, the Prospex-team enabled all participants to express their views and discuss in depth about the meaning of digital skills, civic competence, non-formal and informal learning. The results of these intense sessions were presented and debated in the Closing Panel, where students, university representatives and employers shared the ideas that will constitute the base for a renewed approach to education. Finally, Commissioner Marianne Thyssen and Deputy Director General of DG EAC Jens Nymand Christensen took the floor to conclude the Forum, summing up the main outcomes from the stakeholders and paving the way for future actions.



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