The Biodiversity Challenge

Embedding biodiversity concerns into decision-making bodies that are responsible for creating change is essential to preserve the biodiversity we have left. Within the context of sustainability and the current developments that continue to negatively impact our future, biodiversity is facing an ultimate challenge. A great deal of the world’s overall biodiversity has already and continues to be lost, consequently affecting the balance of nature, the well-being of humanity and the activity of many sectors such as agriculture, energy, and water and sanitation. Including biodiversity into decision-making bodies and providing access to the best available information will allow for a higher rate of success regarding the preservation of biodiversity and achieving sustainable development.

CONNECT is a project that is aimed at achieving sustainable development by bringing biodiversity information to the heart of government decision-making using actionable biodiversity information. Through so doing, the project ensures that biodiversity is taken into account and implemented at a higher level. It does so in three African countries: Ghana, Mozambique and Uganda – it is funded by the Global Environment Facility, is coordinated by UNEP-WCMC and receives implementation support from UN Environment.

On March 19th and 20th 2019, a workshop for the CONNECT biodiversity project took place in Leuven, Belgium that brought together UNEP-WCMC, Ghana representatives, Mozambique representatives and expert groups.

The project is currently at the development phase, and the workshop offered an opportunity for the participants to discuss and brainstorm on how to identify, select and engage the relevant stakeholders for the development of biodiversity information products. This culminated in the drafting of a planning for both countries for the coming year.

Prospex is proud to have designed, moderated and facilitated the successful two-day workshop. Essential insights were derived through presentations, discussions, and brainstorm sessions, which were consequently useful in identifying and selecting the following steps that need to be taken to ensure the successful implementation and execution of the project’s objectives.

For more on CONNECT, you can have a look at the following website.



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