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Prospex excels in designing and delivering participatory and interactive stakeholder events. There is no such thing as a standard event and Prospex takes special care to tailor its structured stakeholder engagement to your specific requirements. We have delivered these services for large conferences, small expert symposiums, research focus groups, membership boards, stakeholder workshops, alliance gatherings, corporate events such as annual general meetings, and many more.

The objective of the Prospex approach is to create a genuine dialogue and process of exchange between you and the stakeholders attending the event. The result is a high degree of engagement by the stakeholders on the issues that concern you; and a commitment to address the next steps in overcoming obstacles and realising opportunities. Prospex designs these structured stakeholder engagements in direct consultation with you and facilitates the sessions to a reference-setting professional standard. Because stakeholders generate a wealth of information and inputs in these sessions. Prospex has a team of trained reporters to capture the detailed interactions and critical outputs that you can use to reach agreed goals and next steps.

How this service helps you

Public events are an opportunity to promote your organisation and engage with stakeholders. Too often however, events are highly structured and rigid, with over-packed agendas full of formal presentations. Interactions with participants are reduced to Q&A sessions and chats during coffee breaks. These are missed opportunities to develop constructive relations with stakeholders and gain their support. Prospex services enable you to have a genuine dialogue with stakeholders at events and to develop shared ownership and commitment on the issues of importance to your sector and organisation.

Client success

  • Ecosystem Science for Policy and Practice

    OPERAs (Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications) is a collaborative pan-European project, funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. It aims to bridge the gap between ecosystem science and p... read more

  • Helping Europeans Find a Job

    One of the legacies of the European project is the single market and the expanding trade in goods and services between Member States. Labour mobility however, has not undergone a similar transformation and the vast majority of EU ... read more

  • Network Engagement for State & Outlook

    Official reporting is important and necessary, yet how to make sure it is useful and links to the needs of those who must use it and provide input? When the European Environment Agency (EEA) decided to reshape their statutory repo... read more

  • End of the Road?

    The EU funded BEWATER project has been recently launched for the Mediterranean region, involving 12 partner institutions from 11 different countries. The project will promote participatory processes engaging scientists and society... read more

  • Driving into an Eco-Friendly Future

    The Flemish Government’s Department of Environment, Nature and Energy striving to improve the eco-score, assessed the feasibility of introducing electric and plug-in vehicles to the Government’s fleet. The project approach... read more

  • How to make Europe sustainable by 2050?

    The European Environment Agency explores transitions to reach environmental vision The Environment Action Programme of the European Union is guided by the overall vision that “In 2050, we live well, within the planet’s ecologi... read more

  • From Past Floods to Efficient Risk Management in the Future

    Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the last great floods of Paris, the French Public Authority charged with Water Management of the Seine held the PREVIRISQ conference on flood resilient cities. Prospex facilitated this lar... read more

  • Some like it hot!

    Global temperatures are rising. Most experts believe that we can avoid severe impacts if the temperature stays below a 2°C rise. This is a position recognised by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. However, humanity ... read more

  • Towards a Green EU Common Agricultural Policy

    Assessing the environmental implications of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reforms, the European Environment Agency (EEA) launched the Green CAP project. The EEA invited Prospex to design a workshop process for key stakeh... read more

  • Challenges ahead for islands!

    Prospex helped UNEP identify Emerging issues for Small Island Developing States Islands beware – At the World Environment Day on 5 June 2014 in Barbados, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) presented key emerg... read more

  • Enterprise Europe Conference Receives Input from 900 Participants

    900 participants in one physical place actively participating? Yes was the answer from the team of the Enterprise Europe Network – an initiative of the European Commission to help small business make the most of Europe‘s m... read more

  • European education, training & youth forum 2014

    30 policy proposals towards a new EU agenda for education, training and youth Where should education policy in Europe be heading? To answer this question, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture (... read more

  • Protecting Designs with Stakeholders

    Protecting designs is a specifically challenging task within the area of Intellectual Property Rights. Charged with this task for the European Union, the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) reaches out to design... read more

  • InnovEIT Forum 2015

    The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) hosted its Innovation Forum, InnovEIT 2015, from 5 to 7 May in Budapest, Hungary. Some 600 stakeholders gathered at the Forum: entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders,... read more

  • Team Building at the European Youth Forum

    In associations, effective internal cooperation is essential in order to get members actively involved in achieving shared objectives. The European Youth Forum (EYF) is an organisation funded by the European Commission to promote ... read more

  • Facilitating Stakeholder-Science engagement in Toledo: innovative responses to climate change in Iberia

    On 29-30 September, Prospex facilitated a workshop for the IMPRESSIONS project (link) in Toledo, leading the dialogue between the project team and the Spanish and Portuguese stakeholders, representing different sectors (e.g. water... read more

  • Technology Roadmaps for Greener Energy

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the international organisation producing policy recommendations and assessments on energy. Its key papers are technology roadmaps, assessments on new trends and technology associated with e... read more

  • Education, Training & Youth Forum 2016: building bridges between the world of education and the job market

    “Connecting Education, the Labour Market and Society” was the key ambition of the 5th European Education, Training and Youth Forum, which took place from 19 until 21 October 2016. For the design and facilitation of the Forum, ... read more

  • Tackling Global Food Security

    One of the biggest challenges facing global societies is the persistence of hunger and food insecurity. The global food system is under increasing pressure from population growth, unequal income distribution, natural resource cons... read more

  • The European Validation Festival

    Two questions were at the heart of the first European Validation Festival: how can you land your dream job? And how can the skills you learn along the way be formally recognised? More than 250 stakeholders working in education and... read more

  • African-EU cooperation for value from Waste

    The joint Africa Union and European Union initiative exploring solid waste as a resource, seeks to establish a joint research and innovation agenda on waste management. This initiative is to increase understanding on the resource ... read more

  • EEA & Norway Grants

    Together with our partner, The British Council, Prospex supports EEA & Norway Grants in their successful interaction with Beneficiary States EEA & Norway Grants are established for 5 year periods and are targeted towards r... read more

  • Ensuring Safety in the Skies

    Lufthansa took the initiative to host a workshop on the preparedness of pandemics in the civil aviation industry, working with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). Together with Prospex, a panel of experts gathered in Budapest repr... read more

  • Fair Taxation – Seminars 2018

    With its ambitious agenda to work towards growth, boosting investments and deepening the integration of economies, the European Commission aims at meeting demands for social justice and economic growth also through fair and ad... read more

  • World-Leading Companies Visioning Net-Zero Energy Consumption

    Transforming the construction market towards sustainable development is the goal of a series of leading companies joined in the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD): among them Lafarge, UTC, Kansai, Sonae Sier... read more

  • Your Europe, Your Say 2019

    Your Europe, Your Say 2019 took place from 21st until 22nd March 2019 at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels. The EESC welcomed 102 students and 36 teachers from all 28 EU Member States and the five EU ca... read more

  • Vision Slovenia: Shaping the Country’s Future

    Vision Slovenia is a landmark project for creating a vision for society. Prospex helped the Slovenian Government to develop, through a multi-stakeholder process, a shared vision on how the country could not just become a member of... read more

  • The Biodiversity Challenge

    Embedding biodiversity concerns into decision-making bodies that are responsible for creating change is essential to preserve the biodiversity we have left. Within the context of sustainability and the current developments that co... read more

  • Launching the Gender Equality Index

    Equality between women and men is a fundamental value of the EU enshrined in the Treaties. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) works closely with Member States to promote gender mainstreaming, prevent gender-based vi... read more

  • Education in Europe

    The education sector in Europe is experiencing rapid change. Student profiles are changing with retired people and professionals wanting to learn new skills. Increased mobility in Europe means people need their qualifications reco... read more


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