Science-Stakeholder Dialogue

Stakeholder driven research and development (R&D) is a specific methodology developed by Prospex. This approach is geared towards ensuring that the results of R&D are relevant and applicable by closely engaging stakeholders in the research process. However, the complexity of the issues at hand and the process of creating new insights, can often make it difficult to include outsiders.

Prospex has developed a unique expertise based on our experienced track record in overcoming the huge challenges involved in linking stakeholders and researchers in a fruitful, productive dialogue. Prospex helps both sides gain from the experience to ensure that science and research results provide useful insights, tools and products for public authorities, business and civil society. We have applied this to the benefit of numerous and often international research projects, involving thousands of scientist and stakeholders for the benefit of all sides.

How this service helps you

Expertise and technical know-how are prerequisites for developing new products and services. However, on their own they do not guarantee success with customers, clients, policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders. To ensure that research and innovations meet real needs and are applicable, it is important to include stakeholders. The Prospex approach to science-stakeholder dialogue provides you with a framework for shared learning and innovation that delivers focussed input by stakeholders to science and sound research and useful innovation to stakeholders.

Client success

  • Assessing Climate Change Adaption

    CLIMSAVE (Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-Sectoral Adaptation and Vulnerability in Europe) is a pan-European project, funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. The aim is to devel... read more

  • The UN’s Rio+20 Conference: Identifying Emerging Issues

    Creating a keynote input to the UN Rio+20 process, the United Nation‘s Chief Scientist, Prof. Joseph Alcamo, established a foresight process to identify the top emerging issues the world needs to focus on. Co-designed and facili... read more

  • SCENES: Roadmapping Water Strategies & Policies in Europe

    Charting the future of Europe‘s waters, the European Union‘s SCENES project aimed at specifying long-term planning for policy-making. The future of Europe‘s waters are subject to many important environmental, social, politic... read more

  • Developing Shared Visions for Future Land Use in Europe

    VOLANTE (Visions of Land Use Transitions in Europe) aims to provide European policy and land management with a set of visions on the desired land use of the future shared between stakeholders across sectors. As a key partner in th... read more

  • Linking up Research Communities

    Keeping close to R&D developments is a necessity for all high tech, technology-based companies – for this international business client, Prospex supported the development of cooperative networks with key research players... read more

  • Vision Slovenia: Shaping the Country’s Future

    Vision Slovenia is a landmark project for creating a vision for society. Prospex helped the Slovenian Government to develop, through a multi-stakeholder process, a shared vision on how the country could not just become a member of... read more

  • Ecosystem Science for Policy and Practice

    OPERAs (Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications) is a collaborative pan-European project, funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. It aims to bridge the gap between ecosystem science and p... read more

  • End of the Road?

    The EU funded BEWATER project has been recently launched for the Mediterranean region, involving 12 partner institutions from 11 different countries. The project will promote participatory processes engaging scientists and society... read more

  • Tackling Global Food Security

    One of the biggest challenges facing global societies is the persistence of hunger and food insecurity. The global food system is under increasing pressure from population growth, unequal income distribution, natural resource cons... read more

  • Stakeholder Integrated Research: STIR

    Prospex authors publish state-of-the art approach Involving stakeholders in research needs to be more than ticking boxes. It has the potential to make research more salient, useful and ultimately impactful for society, economy and... read more

  • Facilitating Stakeholder-Science engagement in Toledo: innovative responses to climate change in Iberia

    On 29-30 September, Prospex facilitated a workshop for the IMPRESSIONS project (link) in Toledo, leading the dialogue between the project team and the Spanish and Portuguese stakeholders, representing different sectors (e.g. water... read more


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