Mapping & Analysis

Knowing who your stakeholders are and what positions and interests they have, is critical information for any company or organisation. Prospex mapping techniques look beyond the known stakeholders to identify groups and individuals that are relevant to your key interests and have an influence on developments in your sector.

Many of the surveys used with stakeholder groups focus on collecting opinions. Prospex employs participatory and interactive survey techniques that address the underlying logic and rationale behind stakeholder opinions and very importantly, their expectations of you. It is precisely this level of analysis that allows you to develop constructive and forward-looking relations with your stakeholder groups.

How this service helps you

Stakeholder mapping helps you identify the important stakeholders that have an impact on your organisation and sector. Prospex stakeholder analysis gives you an in-depth understanding of their motivations and expectations. This service forms a basis for constructive and sustained relations with your stakeholders.

Client success

  • Stakeholder Survey

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  • Stakeholder Integrated Research: STIR

    Prospex authors publish state-of-the art approach Involving stakeholders in research needs to be more than ticking boxes. It has the potential to make research more salient, useful and ultimately impactful for society, economy and... read more


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