Scenario planning

Scenario planning is a tool for structuring the myriad possibilities of how the future may evolve into a small set of understandable scenarios. This set of scenarios enables you to grasp and act on possible future developments. Scenarios provide you with a series of highly relevant playing fields for testing existing strategies, developing new ones and finding a path through current complexities to create success in the future. In developing and using scenarios, Prospex often works with client teams and stakeholders from across multiple sectors, cultures and societies. Developing scenarios in a multi-stakeholder setting  dramatically improves the quality of the foresight and provides participants with a greater understanding and a commitment to follow-up, even in very challenging situations.

Prospex has top level expertise in developing scenarios, for which we apply different methods, adapted to the needs and challenges you face. These may be orientated towards distant future events or be closer to the present. They may be limited to a set of crisp narratives or involve the types of complex modelling, numerical data and maps that Prospex has worked on in collaboration with large-scale research & development projects.

How this service helps you

Scenarios enable you and your team, organisation, sector and even society to plan effectively for possible future developments. Through creating well-informed and plausible future scenarios it is possible to identify and understand the opportunities and challenges ahead and to test and develop strategies for best impact. This puts you ahead of the pack.

Client success

  • Preparing for the Pandemics of the Future

    With already three pandemics in the first 10 years of the 21st century, the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) did not simply want to wait and see until the next one hits us unprepared. Engaging Prospex for a strategic outlook for prep... read more

  • EURECA – the Future of Agriculture and Protected Areas

    What are hidden trends and developments for the future of agriculture and protected areas in Europe? The European Environment Agency asked Prospex to conduct two innovative Spotmeters – Food for Thought and Natura2morrow ... read more

  • Foresight to Strategy: World-leading Energy Research Centre

    As a world leading research centre in energy technology, this organisation conducts research in a variety of fields and supplies services and support to the energy industry as well as to national governments and international orga... read more

  • Assessing Climate Change Adaption

    CLIMSAVE (Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-Sectoral Adaptation and Vulnerability in Europe) is a pan-European project, funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. The aim is to devel... read more

  • Working with Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians on the Future of Water in the Middle East

    Water is a key issue in the conflict between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians in the Middle East. In a series of events over several years, Prospex worked directly with high-level stakeholders from all sides, bringing them in... read more

  • Capacity Building for Heads of Environment Protection Agencies

    National Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) have an increasingly important role in providing information and advice to governments. The European Environment Agency helped to set up a network of the EPAs in the European Union,... read more

  • Some like it hot!

    Global temperatures are rising. Most experts believe that we can avoid severe impacts if the temperature stays below a 2°C rise. This is a position recognised by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. However, humanity ... read more

  • Corona Scenarios & Strategies

    The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 leading to COVID-19 disease has led to a terrible pandemic. Most organisations are dealing with this pandemic assuming that this crisis will go away in less than three months and that afterward socie... read more



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