Strategy & roadmapping

Strategy-making and roadmapping links foresight to action: What needs to happen and when? While foresight gives the input and the context to these questions, strategy and roadmapping provide the answers. Interestingly, this aspect of foresight often remains overlooked. At Prospex, we make it a cornerstone of our work with clients.

Prospex helps your strategy-making by identifying the decisions and actions to take, based on specific analysis of the situation and the future perspective. With roadmapping, we help you to plan these decisions and actions over time, paving the way for planning and implementation. With our ample experience in turning foresight into action, we make foresight work for you in practice.

How this service helps you

Strategic foresight should lay out a clear path linking your current situation to the future. This is what our services for strategy and roadmapping are about. We help you and your organisation to make sense of foresight, boiling it down to what to do when, enabling action, helping your success.

Client success

  • Strategising for Vaccines against Upcoming Health Threats

    International vaccine production for pandemics is a difficult and complex challenge yet remains of vital importance for protecting societies. Prospex helped one of the global leaders in vaccine production, GSK Vaccines, in scannin... read more

  • Developing UNEP’s Science Strategy

    With the creation of the Office of the Chief Scientist, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) gave science a new importance for the development and implementation of its policies and activities. Prospex helped UNEP to crea... read more

  • Enlarging Strategic Capacity for Telecommunications in the Gulf

    In the high-speed and technology-oriented telecom market, players are tempted to limit themselves to tactics for making business decisions. Working with Prospex consultants, Qatar Telecom (now Ooredoo) strengthened its capacity fo... read more

  • SCENES: Roadmapping Water Strategies & Policies in Europe

    Charting the future of Europe‘s waters, the European Union‘s SCENES project aimed at specifying long-term planning for policy-making. The future of Europe‘s waters are subject to many important environmental, social, politic... read more

  • Technology Roadmaps for Greener Energy

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the international organisation producing policy recommendations and assessments on energy. Its key papers are technology roadmaps, assessments on new trends and technology associated with e... read more

  • African-EU cooperation for value from Waste

    The joint Africa Union and European Union initiative exploring solid waste as a resource, seeks to establish a joint research and innovation agenda on waste management. This initiative is to increase understanding on the resource ... read more

  • Ensuring Safety in the Skies

    Lufthansa took the initiative to host a workshop on the preparedness of pandemics in the civil aviation industry, working with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). Together with Prospex, a panel of experts gathered in Budapest repr... read more

  • Assessing Climate Change Adaption

    CLIMSAVE (Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-Sectoral Adaptation and Vulnerability in Europe) is a pan-European project, funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. The aim is to devel... read more

  • Working with Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians on the Future of Water in the Middle East

    Water is a key issue in the conflict between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians in the Middle East. In a series of events over several years, Prospex worked directly with high-level stakeholders from all sides, bringing them in... read more

  • Driving into an Eco-Friendly Future

    The Flemish Government’s Department of Environment, Nature and Energy striving to improve the eco-score, assessed the feasibility of introducing electric and plug-in vehicles to the Government’s fleet. The project approach... read more

  • Vision Slovenia: Shaping the Country’s Future

    Vision Slovenia is a landmark project for creating a vision for society. Prospex helped the Slovenian Government to develop, through a multi-stakeholder process, a shared vision on how the country could not just become a member of... read more

  • OECD international forum on open government

    At OECD in Paris, Prospex calls for showcasing engagement with citizens At the OECD 2014 Open Government Conference in Paris, Prospex’s managing director Dr. Marc Gramberger addressed the audience with a call for governments to ... read more

  • Corona Scenarios & Strategies

    The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 leading to COVID-19 disease has led to a terrible pandemic. Most organisations are dealing with this pandemic assuming that this crisis will go away in less than three months and that afterward socie... read more


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