Associations & networks

Association & networks centre on partnerships. Within them diverging and converging positions, interests and willingness to act in common shape their effectiveness. It is important to strike the right balance between the different members and parts, encouraging consensus building and planning for the future. Prospex excels in enabling associations and networks to become effective in identifying and reaching common goals.

Client success

  • Enterprise Europe Conference Receives Input from 900 Participants

    900 participants in one physical place actively participating? Yes was the answer from the team of the Enterprise Europe Network – an initiative of the European Commission to help small business make the most of Europe‘s m... read more

  • Building Networks in Maritime Construction

    Building new islands, expanding airports and harbours: maritime construction has developed into a highly complex business. Prospex worked with the international maritime construction industry to create sustainable collaborative ne... read more

  • Early Contractor Involvement in International Maritime Construction

    Projects in maritime construction are huge and cost intensive endeavours: the terms of reference for these projects often cover literally thousands of pages. Prospex was called in by the main parties to address a main challenge: p... read more

  • Ensuring Safety in the Skies

    Lufthansa took the initiative to host a workshop on the preparedness of pandemics in the civil aviation industry, working with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). Together with Prospex, a panel of experts gathered in Budapest repr... read more

  • Team Building at the European Youth Forum

    In associations, effective internal cooperation is essential in order to get members actively involved in achieving shared objectives. The European Youth Forum (EYF) is an organisation funded by the European Commission to promote ... read more

  • Setting International Standards for the Natural Stones Sector

    Natural stones products require much physical and low-cost work in the production process in developing countries. Reports of child labour and adverse working conditions on the ground have spun a myriad of initiatives and labels i... read more

  • Network for Water Management Risk Reduction

    The Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) is responsible for water management in this Belgian region. Together with Prospex, VMM looks into the future to assess the flooding risks in Flanders in view of the future of land use. VMM en... read more

  • Network for Citizens as Partners in Mongolia

    On the back of an initiative by the Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation) and with the support of the UNDP’s Project on Parliament Strengthening, Prospex was engaged in Mongolia to advise and conduct a series ... read more

  • Joining-up for Fundamental Rights

    Fundamental rights in the European Union (EU) should be enjoyed by all citizens. However, there is often a disconnect between the fundamental rights conventions ratified by Heads of State in Brussels and the actual experiences of ... read more

  • European education, training & youth forum 2014

    30 policy proposals towards a new EU agenda for education, training and youth Where should education policy in Europe be heading? To answer this question, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture (... read more

  • Stakeholder Integrated Research: STIR

    Prospex authors publish state-of-the art approach Involving stakeholders in research needs to be more than ticking boxes. It has the potential to make research more salient, useful and ultimately impactful for society, economy and... read more


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