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Companies small and large face increasingly complex and demanding markets. Navigating and engaging not only the dynamic value constellations but also the societal, political and economic contexts in which they operate are key challenges. Prospex expertise supports companies to identify and focus their attention to the topics and stakeholders that really matter and helps them to succeed.


  • Enterprise Europe Conference Receives Input from 900 Participants

    900 participants in one physical place actively participating? Yes was the answer from the team of the Enterprise Europe Network – an initiative of the European Commission to help small business make the most of Europe‘s m... read more

  • Foresight to Strategy: World-leading Energy Research Centre

    As a world leading research centre in energy technology, this organisation conducts research in a variety of fields and supplies services and support to the energy industry as well as to national governments and international orga... read more

  • Building Networks in Maritime Construction

    Building new islands, expanding airports and harbours: maritime construction has developed into a highly complex business. Prospex worked with the international maritime construction industry to create sustainable collaborative ne... read more

  • Setting International Standards for the Natural Stones Sector

    Natural stones products require much physical and low-cost work in the production process in developing countries. Reports of child labour and adverse working conditions on the ground have spun a myriad of initiatives and labels i... read more

  • Linking up Research Communities

    Keeping close to R&D developments is a necessity for all high tech, technology-based companies – for this international business client, Prospex supported the development of cooperative networks with key research players... read more

  • Finding Agreements with Unions on Tough Business Restructuring

    The need for tough restructuring is what companies may face from time to time and what unions and employee councils often oppose radically. In this industrial case, the stakes were high. Prospex helped the client to develop a comp... read more

  • African-EU cooperation for value from Waste

    The joint Africa Union and European Union initiative exploring solid waste as a resource, seeks to establish a joint research and innovation agenda on waste management. This initiative is to increase understanding on the resource ... read more

  • InnovEIT Forum 2015

    The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) hosted its Innovation Forum, InnovEIT 2015, from 5 to 7 May in Budapest, Hungary. Some 600 stakeholders gathered at the Forum: entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders,... read more

  • Corona Scenarios & Strategies

    The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 leading to COVID-19 disease has led to a terrible pandemic. Most organisations are dealing with this pandemic assuming that this crisis will go away in less than three months and that afterward socie... read more


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