Governmental institutions

Governmental institutions have become part of a complex web of actors that shape the future of societies. They interact both horizontally and vertically on the issues within their mandate which makes them responsible for societal processes and dealing on a daily basis with external collaborators. Prospex helps governmental institutions identify and shape the policies of the future, engaging with stakeholders in a constructive dialogue that enables lasting agreements and effective implementation.

Client success

  • Setting a Landmark with OECD’s “Citizens as Partners”

    Prospex‘s Marc Gramberger is the author of the official OECD handbook Citizens As Partners. The book has become a landmark publication on the why and how to involve citizens, stakeholders and interest groups in policy-making ... read more

  • Vision Slovenia: Shaping the Country’s Future

    Vision Slovenia is a landmark project for creating a vision for society. Prospex helped the Slovenian Government to develop, through a multi-stakeholder process, a shared vision on how the country could not just become a member of... read more

  • Enterprise Europe Conference Receives Input from 900 Participants

    900 participants in one physical place actively participating? Yes was the answer from the team of the Enterprise Europe Network – an initiative of the European Commission to help small business make the most of Europe‘s m... read more

  • Team Building at the European Youth Forum

    In associations, effective internal cooperation is essential in order to get members actively involved in achieving shared objectives. The European Youth Forum (EYF) is an organisation funded by the European Commission to promote ... read more

  • Network Engagement for State & Outlook

    Official reporting is important and necessary, yet how to make sure it is useful and links to the needs of those who must use it and provide input? When the European Environment Agency (EEA) decided to reshape their statutory repo... read more

  • Driving into an Eco-Friendly Future

    The Flemish Government’s Department of Environment, Nature and Energy striving to improve the eco-score, assessed the feasibility of introducing electric and plug-in vehicles to the Government’s fleet. The project approach... read more

  • From Past Floods to Efficient Risk Management in the Future

    Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the last great floods of Paris, the French Public Authority charged with Water Management of the Seine held the PREVIRISQ conference on flood resilient cities. Prospex facilitated this lar... read more

  • Building Networks in Maritime Construction

    Building new islands, expanding airports and harbours: maritime construction has developed into a highly complex business. Prospex worked with the international maritime construction industry to create sustainable collaborative ne... read more

  • Network for Water Management Risk Reduction

    The Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) is responsible for water management in this Belgian region. Together with Prospex, VMM looks into the future to assess the flooding risks in Flanders in view of the future of land use. VMM en... read more

  • Network for Citizens as Partners in Mongolia

    On the back of an initiative by the Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation) and with the support of the UNDP’s Project on Parliament Strengthening, Prospex was engaged in Mongolia to advise and conduct a series ... read more

  • Capacity Building for Heads of Environment Protection Agencies

    National Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) have an increasingly important role in providing information and advice to governments. The European Environment Agency helped to set up a network of the EPAs in the European Union,... read more

  • Working with Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians on the Future of Water in the Middle East

    Water is a key issue in the conflict between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians in the Middle East. In a series of events over several years, Prospex worked directly with high-level stakeholders from all sides, bringing them in... read more

  • Joining-up for Fundamental Rights

    Fundamental rights in the European Union (EU) should be enjoyed by all citizens. However, there is often a disconnect between the fundamental rights conventions ratified by Heads of State in Brussels and the actual experiences of ... read more

  • Launching the Gender Equality Index

    Equality between women and men is a fundamental value of the EU enshrined in the Treaties. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) works closely with Member States to promote gender mainstreaming, prevent gender-based vi... read more

  • Challenges ahead for islands!

    Prospex helped UNEP identify Emerging issues for Small Island Developing States Islands beware – At the World Environment Day on 5 June 2014 in Barbados, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) presented key emerg... read more

  • OECD international forum on open government

    At OECD in Paris, Prospex calls for showcasing engagement with citizens At the OECD 2014 Open Government Conference in Paris, Prospex’s managing director Dr. Marc Gramberger addressed the audience with a call for governments to ... read more


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