International organisations

International organisations are complex structures. They involve governments, interest groups, and many other stakeholders in their policy-development and implementation processes. The variety of cultural backgrounds and the complexity of the multi-country settings create a rich and challenging backdrop. Prospex has worked with and inside international organsiations for many years and understands its specific complexities and challenges – enabling achievements under complexity.

Client Success

  • Setting a Landmark with OECD’s “Citizens as Partners”

    Prospex‘s Marc Gramberger is the author of the official OECD handbook Citizens As Partners. The book has become a landmark publication on the why and how to involve citizens, stakeholders and interest groups in policy-making ... read more

  • EURECA – the Future of Agriculture and Protected Areas

    What are hidden trends and developments for the future of agriculture and protected areas in Europe? The European Environment Agency asked Prospex to conduct two innovative Spotmeters – Food for Thought and Natura2morrow ... read more

  • The UN’s Rio+20 Conference: Identifying Emerging Issues

    Creating a keynote input to the UN Rio+20 process, the United Nation‘s Chief Scientist, Prof. Joseph Alcamo, established a foresight process to identify the top emerging issues the world needs to focus on. Co-designed and facili... read more

  • Preparing for the Pandemics of the Future

    With already three pandemics in the first 10 years of the 21st century, the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) did not simply want to wait and see until the next one hits us unprepared. Engaging Prospex for a strategic outlook for prep... read more

  • Technology Roadmaps for Greener Energy

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the international organisation producing policy recommendations and assessments on energy. Its key papers are technology roadmaps, assessments on new trends and technology associated with e... read more

  • Developing UNEP’s Science Strategy

    With the creation of the Office of the Chief Scientist, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) gave science a new importance for the development and implementation of its policies and activities. Prospex helped UNEP to crea... read more

  • African-EU cooperation for value from Waste

    The joint Africa Union and European Union initiative exploring solid waste as a resource, seeks to establish a joint research and innovation agenda on waste management. This initiative is to increase understanding on the resource ... read more

  • Challenges ahead for islands!

    Prospex helped UNEP identify Emerging issues for Small Island Developing States Islands beware – At the World Environment Day on 5 June 2014 in Barbados, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) presented key emerg... read more

  • How to make Europe sustainable by 2050?

    The European Environment Agency explores transitions to reach environmental vision The Environment Action Programme of the European Union is guided by the overall vision that “In 2050, we live well, within the planet’s ecologi... read more

  • OECD international forum on open government

    At OECD in Paris, Prospex calls for showcasing engagement with citizens At the OECD 2014 Open Government Conference in Paris, Prospex’s managing director Dr. Marc Gramberger addressed the audience with a call for governments to ... read more


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