Forging a team from a group of individuals is a necessity for achieving successful results and excellence with  active contributions of its members. Identifying common goals, giving them shape and motivating their achievement is key for teams, as is managing the possible differences and frictions that may develop. Prospex is a specialist in helping teams succeed, making full use of the potential they signify.

Client success

  • Charting the Health Markets of Tomorrow

    As a major international biopharma player, UCB wants to continue leading the treatment for diseases like epilepsy. Prospex has worked with UCB to help identifying and analysing the emerging issues and trends that will shape the fu... read more

  • Protecting Designs with Stakeholders

    Protecting designs is a specifically challenging task within the area of Intellectual Property Rights. Charged with this task for the European Union, the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) reaches out to design... read more

  • Team Building at the European Youth Forum

    In associations, effective internal cooperation is essential in order to get members actively involved in achieving shared objectives. The European Youth Forum (EYF) is an organisation funded by the European Commission to promote ... read more

  • Setting International Standards for the Natural Stones Sector

    Natural stones products require much physical and low-cost work in the production process in developing countries. Reports of child labour and adverse working conditions on the ground have spun a myriad of initiatives and labels i... read more

  • Managing Internal Conflict at a Global Finance Institution

    Under difficult market and societal conditions, the players in the financial industry are under heavy pressure to produce results. The pressure can quickly lead to strong internal frictions and open conflict within and between tea... read more

  • Improving Internal Collaboration with Negotiation Skills

    A world leader in chemical production, BASF sees internal collaboration between its multi-layered units as crucial for business success. Focusing on this challenge, Prospex designed and delivered a highly interactive and practical... read more

  • Developing Internal Cooperation at Toyota

    As a world company active across the planet, Toyota is renowned for its efficient production and management practices. Working with Prospex, Toyota has addressed the efficiency of its internal cooperation through the capacity buil... read more

  • Capacity Boost for Working with EU Decision-Making

    Decision-making at the EU level is a complex process with many actors involved. The European headquarters of Public Affairs at Novartis, a world leader in the health industry, worked with Prospex to boost their negotiation capacit... read more

  • Striking a Balance in a Delicate Context

    The European Patent Office (EPO) is a large European institution with offices in The Hague and Munich. EPO asked Prospex to develop a training trajectory to enhance the collaboration and negotiation capacities for their senior sta... read more

  • Optimising Airport Coordination

    As part of an ambitious capacity development programme, The Brussels Airport Company (TBAC) requested Prospex develop a set of training modules to increase the negotiation and conflict resolution skills of their staff. A key focu... read more


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